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Do-it-Yourself Front Door Repairs

Our front doors here are Uber Doors get a lot of use and sometimes a great deal of abuse too. Over time the best of doors can develop wear and tear problems that can be easily fixed with simple tools and a little bit of effort. As the days are getting longer and warmer, and Read More »

Selecting the right doors for your home

Selecting the right doors for your home can be a daunting task because the variations are seemingly endless. To make it more difficult, there really are no “right” answers except for what helps you feel more at home. When it comes to the doors we offer, the first thing we look for from our manufacturers Read More »

Proper care and maintenance of your doors

Proper care and maintenance of your doors begins with proper installation to ensure the door swings smoothly, latches easily, and closes tightly. For exterior doors, you should also ensure an appropriate overhang to help protect it from the elements. With the door properly installed, you should regularly inspect and maintain the weatherstrip to avoid any Read More »

Fixing Sticky Doors

Fixing Sticky Doors Over time, a wood door may become sticky or difficult to open. Aside from being particularly annoying, it can also be potentially damaging to a door that sticks. This is due to increased stress and pressures on the door that are not intended. The solutions for fixing sticky doors depend entirely on Read More »

What is an appropriate overhang for wood doors?

Having adequate overhang is very critical to the life and performance of exterior wood doors, and is generally required in warranties by all wood door manufacturers. In addition to complying with warranty conditions, a proper overhang will help protect your door from the elements and extend the life of the door. So what is an Read More »

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