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Door Styles

Wood Door Styles

Whether you are looking for exterior or interior solid wood doors, we have dozens of different styles available. Whether you are looking for a classic look like the highly popular two-panel arch-top with v-grooves, or a more homey feel with a craftsman style door with glass panels and a dentil shelf, our customizable selection of solid wood doors allows you to personalize your doors to match your individual style. Start building your custom doors today.

Arch Top Doors

Arched doors and entryways continue to rank among the most popular door designs available on the market today. A variant of the standard shaker door, its design varies in the door panels which taper and curve gently as it reaches the top of the door.

This subtle change is what makes this style of door very popular. The design of the arched wood doors influences the overall look of a house’s doorway, giving it an old world charm and a more inviting appearance.

Old World Charm in the Modern World

Better known as ‘shaker doors’, craftsman style doors continue to be among the most popular door designs due to its simplicity as a style and its potential to be customized. Although made of solid knotty alder, which is widely known for its durability, the wood itself is highly configurable.

This means that if you have a specific look in mind, our team of expert tradesmen can customize anything from the door’s size, finishes, and even stain colors.

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Craftsman Style Doors

In an age where modern and flush designs dominate the housing market, the craftsman style home is seeing a resurgence in popularity in many residential areas. The quintessential suburban ranch-style house has a surprisingly modern feel for it despite technically an “old-world” style home.

A craftsman style door is the ideal entryway for any suburban home. It boasts a simple yet charming look reminiscent of the atmosphere of quiet American suburbia, and is a classic design that easily stands the test of time.

Old World Charm in the Modern World

Better known as ‘shaker doors’, craftsman style doors continue to be among the most popular door designs due to its simplicity as a style and its potential to be customized. Although made of solid knotty alder, which is widely known for its durability, the wood itself is highly configurable.

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Lighted Doors

Designing a visually appealing room is very difficult. With so many options available these days, it is easy to go overboard or skimp out on decorations and set pieces.

The mistake of many homeowners is that they tend to focus on the decorations instead of the other background elements, such as doors and windows. At UberDoors, our wide selection of lighted doors is the perfect solution to all of your design worries.

Minimalist Design with a Function

Shaker doors are well known for their subtle yet charming wooden door panels; lighted doors, on the other hand, are defined by its seamless integration of wood and glass. Instead of wood panels, our doors boast glass panels that allow light in and keep weather out.

Its functionality is not the only thing impressive about this style of door. Although designed to keep light in, it also allows a bit of nature into your home. A lighted exterior door for the backyard lets the design elements and landscaping of the outdoors inside, essentially acting as a sort of decoration that extends your living spaces.

Our lighted wood doors are also great for interior spaces. These give you the ability to design and create rooms that are both distinct yet still part of the activities going on in the rest of your home. Our double door variants are also great for breaking up larger rooms into separate functional areas, which makes organizing even the most exciting parties easier.

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French Doors

Rustic style doors and entryways come in many designs, ranging from the subtle to the truly extravagant. It is understandably difficult finding the right one for your home, especially if what you’re looking for is the one that combines elements of both.

At UberDoors, we recommend the classic French style door for a simply designed entryway that boasts charm and subtle elegance. Our selection of wood French doors are reminiscent of the old world French casement entryways, and are ideal for establishing a beautiful and open concept feel for your home.

Our selection of French doors for sale are made with only the finest materials to ensure peak performance at all times. Each door is made with rich knotty alder wood so you can be sure that our doors will last a very long time.

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Mediterranean Style Doors

Mediterranean style doors give the impression of having just left the blacksmith's forge without compromising on the standards of quality you've come to expect from UberDoors. But with the addition of cast iron grills covering speak-easy windows, strap hinges and black clavos (nails) on the top and bottom of each vertical slat, Mediterranean style doors perfectly combine the old world and the new. Follow the links below to see a great selection of our Knotty Alder Exterior Mediterranean Doors

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Rustic Doors

Rustic doors continue to be a popular choice for both homeowners and commercial property owners despite the trends shifting to more modern-designed entryways. Boasting natural wood finishes that give a charming and almost otherworldly charm, it heightens and enhances the visual appeal of the house’s façade and living spaces.

If you want a door that looks like an entryway to a simpler and more idyllic time, then a rustic door is the best fit for you.

Exterior and Interior Rustic Doors

At UberDoors, our selection of rustic doors for sale comes in both exterior and interior variants. Each door is made of knotty alder wood, boasting an increased and natural durability that most wooden doors simply cannot match. Our handcrafted rustic wood doors come in a variety of tones and natural wood finishes, bringing out the vertical wood slats that this door design is well known for.

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Square Top Doors

The classic look of the square top door matches perfectly with mission or craftsman style homes. The sharp lines and minimalist appearance complement the natural stone, wood and stucco finishes. We pride ourselves on precision by adding the perfect lines to the first impression of your home. Follow the links below to see a great selection of our Knotty Alder Square Top Doors

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Flush - Flat Surfaced Doors

Flush doors are exactly what you would think-A Flat surfaced door. These are becoming more popular in homes as simple paintable doors. Most commercial doors are also consider Flush doors.

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Fire Doors

At UberDoors, our focus goes well beyond supplying functional and aesthetically pleasing doors. We know that both residential and commercial property owners are also concerned with security, which is why we also offer a wide selection of fire rated doors online.

Fire Rated Wood and Steel Doors

Our selection of fire doors provides an extra level of security in the event that a fire breaks out in your property. Our doors come in both wood and steel variants, with both possessing 20-minute positive pressure ratings that allows them to resist fire for a considerably long time.

Both our fire rated wooden and steel doors possess an intumescent seal placed during its construction, that is located 1/8 below the edge banding on the sides and the top of the door. This additional layer of protection gives it a heightened resistance to extreme heat, allowing it to last longer than doors made of standard wood.

Thicker tongue panels and double beveling are also additional fire-resistant modifications that we supply, allowing our fire rated doors to outperform similar products on the market.

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