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Arch Top Doors

Arched doors and entryways continue to rank among the most popular door designs available on the market today. A variant of the standard shaker door, its design varies in the door panels which taper and curve gently as it reaches the top of the door.

This subtle change is what makes this style of door very popular. The design of the arched wood doors influences the overall look of a house’s doorway, giving it an old world charm and a more inviting appearance.

Old World Charm in the Modern World

Better known as ‘shaker doors’, craftsman style doors continue to be among the most popular door designs due to its simplicity as a style and its potential to be customized. Although made of solid knotty alder, which is widely known for its durability, the wood itself is highly configurable.

This means that if you have a specific look in mind, our team of expert tradesmen can customize anything from the door’s size, finishes, and even stain colors.

Arch Top Exterior

Graceful, stately curves define our arch top exterior doors. Dating back to antiquity, this classic design is suitable for many architectural styles. The UberDoors arch top door combines soft curves with solid construction to add amazing curb appeal to your home.

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Arch Top Interior Doors

The arch top interior door is the perfect pairing for elegant styling. Complimentary to your interior design selections, our arch top doors add interest to your doors without sacrificing simplicity. The arch softens the precision-crafted panels, giving them an inviting feel. This design has made arch top doors a popular choice for a variety of home styles.

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Not Just for Interior Spaces

Our selection of craftsman style doors for sale make great design pieces for exterior living spaces. The straight lines and square panels are subtle, but it enhances the house’s façade and completes the exterior of a home.

If you’re looking for a door that’s simple, modern looking, yet captures that charm and atmosphere of days gone by, then this is the right door for you. Have a look at our wide selection of craftsman style doors for sale below.

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