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Fire Doors

At UberDoors, our focus goes well beyond supplying functional and aesthetically pleasing doors. We know that both residential and commercial property owners are also concerned with security, which is why we also offer a wide selection of fire rated doors online.

Fire Rated Wood and Steel Doors

Our selection of fire doors provides an extra level of security in the event that a fire breaks out in your property. Our doors come in both wood and steel variants, with both possessing 20-minute positive pressure ratings that allows them to resist fire for a considerably long time.

Both our fire rated wooden and steel doors possess an intumescent seal placed during its construction, that is located 1/8 below the edge banding on the sides and the top of the door. This additional layer of protection gives it a heightened resistance to extreme heat, allowing it to last longer than doors made of standard wood.

Thicker tongue panels and double beveling are also additional fire-resistant modifications that we supply, allowing our fire rated doors to outperform similar products on the market.

Commercial Fire Rated Doors

Commercial properties require higher-rated doors due to the inherent risks involved in their operations, as the standard 20-minute fire rating does not offer enough protection in the event of a large-scale fire.

At UberDoors, we have the ability to create fire rated wood and steel doors with a higher fire resistance, ranging from 45 all the way to a 90-minute fire rating. Please give us a call if your property requires a higher fire rating than what our standard fire doors can offer.

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