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Lighted Doors

Designing a visually appealing room is very difficult. With so many options available these days, it is easy to go overboard or skimp out on decorations and set pieces.

The mistake of many homeowners is that they tend to focus on the decorations instead of the other background elements, such as doors and windows. At UberDoors, our wide selection of lighted doors is the perfect solution to all of your design worries.

Minimalist Design with a Function

Shaker doors are well known for their subtle yet charming wooden door panels; lighted doors, on the other hand, are defined by its seamless integration of wood and glass. Instead of wood panels, our doors boast glass panels that allow light in and keep weather out.

Its functionality is not the only thing impressive about this style of door. Although designed to keep light in, it also allows a bit of nature into your home. A lighted exterior door for the backyard lets the design elements and landscaping of the outdoors inside, essentially acting as a sort of decoration that extends your living spaces.

Our lighted wood doors are also great for interior spaces. These give you the ability to design and create rooms that are both distinct yet still part of the activities going on in the rest of your home. Our double door variants are also great for breaking up larger rooms into separate functional areas, which makes organizing even the most exciting parties easier.

Lighted Exterior Doors

Our lighted exterior doors are especially beautiful for homes that desire to allow the outside, in. The simplistic design and seamless integration of glass panels allow nature to pour into your home. Quality construction brings the beauty of your landscaping in, while keeping undesirable weather out.

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Lighted Interior Doors

Lighted interior doors are the perfect way to create a room that is both separate from and part of the activities going on in your home. They are often used for offices and music rooms to create a bit of a sound barrier while at the same time, making you feel like you are at home. As double doors, they are a great way to break up larger rooms into functional areas for many great events and activities.

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The UberDoor Guarantee

At UberDoors, we offer an ever-expanding selection of lighted wood doors that range from rustic entryways to designer set pieces. We focus on quality workmanship and use only the highest quality materials to ensure top of the line products all the time.

Do you have a design in mind that’s not part of our current selection? Give us a call! Our experts have the skills to redesign and customize any door to suit your different design needs.

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