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Exterior Doors

Although the home’s exterior walls are widely considered the design piece that establishes the curb appeal, the exterior door is actually what brings the entire look together. It not only enhances the beauty of your house’s façade, it is also instrumental in establishing that warm and welcoming atmosphere that every home should have.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor for doors, it’s understandably difficult to pick out the right entryway to complete the exterior of the home. There are just so many choices available, and you’ll have to take your time picking the right one that fits the overall design.

Exterior Front Entry Wood Doors

At UberDoors, we make the process of choosing the right door for your property a lot easier. We offer a wide selection of exterior doors for sale ranging from classic door designs to modern entryways. Our collection includes the highly popular two-panel arch top doors and rustic doorways with a distinct Mediterranean feel, just to name a few.

Each of our wooden doors is made of knotty alder wood and is engineered solid to ensure only the highest quality and durable doors. The best part is that we offer these at ‘straight from the factory’ prices, allowing you to style your house and living spaces without breaking the budget. We also have exterior steel doors for sale that are ideal for commercial properties that require an extra level of security that most doors simply can’t provide.

Knotty Alder Arch Top Exterior Doors

Your home’s exterior doors do more than just keep intruders away. While the façade of your house has a plethora of design elements that you can easily customize, the exterior door is what crowns its entire look and brings it all together.

At UberDoors, we offer a wide selection of arched entry doors and entryways. This classic design dates back to antiquity, and its popularity as a door style persists even today when more modern design trends are beginning to dominate the housing scene.

Unlike your standard shaker doors, our arched top exterior doors’ wooden panels gently curve at the summit. This may not exactly be a groundbreaking design change, but it is highly effective in making your house look more inviting and subtly increasing its overall curb appeal.

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Knotty Alder Craftsman Exterior Doors

Most people tend to ignore the importance of choosing the right exterior door for their home. It is a little known fact that the appearance of a door subtly determines how welcoming your house is to other people, not to mention playing a slightly bigger role in increasing its overall appeal.

But is there really an option when it comes to choosing an exterior door for a home? You’ll be surprised at the rather wide selection of designs now available on the market, but one door style continues to remain popular well beyond the heyday of American suburbia – the Craftsman style exterior door.

Classic Design that Never Goes out of Style

Better known as shaker doors, craftsman exterior doors continue to be the most popular door style as it easily complements the look of modern homes as much as it brings out the old world charm of classic designed houses. It is best known for the square hard lines that dominate its look, epitomizing the concept of simple yet highly effective aesthetics.

The main reason why these shaker style doors continue to be popular even today is how configurable this particular style of door is. These exterior craftsman doors come in either one panel or two panel variants, and their overall look and finish can be further customized to suit and complement your home’s aesthetics. If you’re looking for a classic design that never goes out of style, the craftsman exterior door is the one for you.

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Knotty Alder Lighted Exterior Doors

Our lighted Knotty Alder exterior doors are especially beautiful for homes that desire to allow the outside, in. The simplistic design and seamless integration of glass panels allow nature to pour into your home. Quality construction brings the beauty of your landscaping in, while keeping undesirable weather out.

All of our solid knotty alder wood, lighted exterior doors are completely configurable, meaning you can customize the size, stain color, finish options and more just by clicking the "Build My Door" button.

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Knotty Alder French Exterior Doors

Among our selection of wooden doors, our line of exterior wood French doors are among the most popular designs around. Originally derived from and inspired by the traditional French casement door, our modern French doors continue the traditional open concept feel and apply it to modern design.

All of our exterior wood French doors are made with solid knotty alder wood, boasting soft, straight-grained, and even textured wood that is surprisingly durable and resilient to external damage; it is the ideal kind of wood for our line of modern casement doors as no other material captures that rustic look and appeal better.

The combination of the wood’s naturally rustic appearance and our door’s glass panels establish an open concept feel that is difficult to match. If you’re looking for a completely wood French door built for the exteriors, then this door is the right choice.

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Knotty Alder Mediterranean Style Exterior Doors

Despite the current trend in interior and exterior design focusing on simpler and flusher design and style elements, many homeowners still have a preference for the traditional and more elaborate set pieces that were once the standard for every house.

Mediterranean front doors, for example, are seeing a resurge in popularity due to encapsulating that look and feel of the old world, as well as the increasing development of Mediterranean style homes in many suburban areas.

The Return of a Classic Design

At UberDoors, our selection of Mediterranean front doors range from truly old world style entryways to doorways that fit well in more modernly designed homes. The standard design elements of these doors are the cast iron gills and speak easy windows, which makes you think of truly bygone days – of castles, keeps, and old taverns.

The black nails or cavos at the top and bottom of each vertical slat establishes that old world design and structure, and is subtle detail that brings out a charming rustic feel.

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Knotty Alder Rustic Exterior Doors

The current trends in interior and exterior home design continue to slide towards more modern and flush designs and fittings. Despite this, many homeowners have a certain fondness for the classic set pieces that are reminiscent of days gone by. This is especially true when it comes to doors, as even doors with seemingly contemporary designs still retain many elements of that were popular in the past.

At UberDoors, we believe nothing beats the classics. Exterior rustic doors immediately come to mind as these continue to remain as standard door choices for many households despite it being widely considered as remnants of the distant past.

Exterior Wooden Doors

Simple vertical wood slats that boast natural wood finishes characterize our selection of rustic wood exterior doors, and these give each door that quintessential classic look that never goes out of style. They are ideal for both classic designed homes and modern domiciles, increasing its visual appeal and acting as a gateway to a time of wide lawns and white picket fences.

Each of our rustic exterior doors is fully configurable, and we give you the freedom to design the kind of exterior you want your home to have. You can fully customize everything from the size, stain color, and even the finish options of the door, just to name a few.

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Knotty Alder Square Top Exterior Doors

The classic look of the Knotty Alder square top door matches perfectly with mission or craftsman style homes. The sharp lines and minimalist appearance complement the natural stone, wood and stucco finishes. We pride ourselves on precision by adding the perfect lines to the first impression of your home.

All of our solid knotty alder wood, square-top exterior doors are completely configurable, meaning you can customize the size, stain color, finish options and more just by clicking the "Build My Door" button.

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Commercial Steel Exterior Doors

For commercial properties, choosing the right door doesn’t seem to be that much of a priority when you compare it to more pressing design and security pieces. Most shop owners think that the door is probably the last place an aspiring thief will try to break into; it’s too obvious after all!

But it’s often the obvious choice that most thieves go for, as there’s usually too much effort or danger breaking in through the window or climbing down from the roof. The commercial property’s exterior door, after all, is actually the first place a criminal will try to break into, as it is often the least guarded.

Secure Flush Metal Doors

At UberDoors, we’ll help you secure your business with our line of commercial exterior steel doors. We supply separate door slabs and pre-built bundles that are fully assembled with the frames and the accompanying hardware. For our bundled selection, each door comes with the door frame assembled with the door slab, as well as the standard exit and closer.

All of our pieces are made of stainless steel and come complete with the standard features built into each door. Multiple sizes, along with a wide selection of color options, are also available.

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Pre-Hung Exterior Doors - Ready for Immediate Shipment

These doors are pre-hung and ready to ship next business day from our warehouse. If you need your doors fast, look at our Pre-Hung Knotty Alder Exterior Doors View All >
Superior Buying Experience with UberDoors

At UberDoors, we make sure that you get is a superior buying experience when you buy exterior doors from us; trust that we will provide unmatched support every step of the way. We’re not content simply supplying our customers some of the most visually appealing exterior doors online; we make sure to give you expert help from start to finish.

Give our experts a call whether you’re on the market for the best exterior shop doors for your place or business, or just want to improve the curb appeal of your home. We’ll make sure to find the right one that suits the design of your property while still keeping it within budget.

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