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Commercial Steel Exterior Doors

For commercial properties, choosing the right door doesn’t seem to be that much of a priority when you compare it to more pressing design and security pieces. Most shop owners think that the door is probably the last place an aspiring thief will try to break into; it’s too obvious after all!

But it’s often the obvious choice that most thieves go for, as there’s usually too much effort or danger breaking in through the window or climbing down from the roof. The commercial property’s exterior door, after all, is actually the first place a criminal will try to break into, as it is often the least guarded.

Secure Flush Metal Doors

At UberDoors, we’ll help you secure your business with our line of commercial exterior steel doors. We supply separate door slabs and pre-built bundles that are fully assembled with the frames and the accompanying hardware. For our bundled selection, each door comes with the door frame assembled with the door slab, as well as the standard exit and closer.

All of our pieces are made of stainless steel and come complete with the standard features built into each door. Multiple sizes, along with a wide selection of color options, are also available.

Not Just for Commercial Properties

Although our steel exterior doors are specifically designed and built for commercial use, they also make great alternatives to wooden doors for your residential home. Although wood is strong and durable as a material, steel is many levels beyond in terms of security and sheer strength.

Because of its flush design, our line of exterior commercial doors can easily blend in a modern house setting without disrupting its overall design and auxiliary finishes. So if you’re looking for a more secure door for your home, then consider one of our commercial exterior door bundles.

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