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Commercial Steel Interior Doors

Choosing the right kind of door for a commercial property doesn’t have to be as difficult as most people make it out to be. All you really need is a sturdy door and a latch to keep intruders away. Moreover, there really isn’t much of a need to focus on aesthetics. When it comes to keeping your assets secure, functionality is what’s necessary.

Secure your business with UberDoors’ selection of interior commercial steel doors. Each of our heavy duty and hollow metal doors are easy to install and has all the standard features built so that it performs its functions well all the time.

When you purchase a commercial steel interior door with us, you have the option to either directly source a door slab or get one of our door bundles. When you get one of our bundles, a frame is already installed with the commercial interior steel door and comes with a steel exit and closer.

All of our metal doors are made of stainless steel and boast a flush design that blends well in any commercial setting.

Fire Rated Steel Doors

Although wooden doors can technically perform the same duty as any steel door, they are more susceptible to regular wear due to both heat and humidity. While the damage isn’t exactly immediate, it will progress and gradually worsen over time. This is the reason we highly suggest you get an interior commercial steel door for your business. Our steel doors are not just highly resistant to the debilitating effects of heat and humidity; they also boast a 90-minute fire rating.

View our collection of commercial steel interior doors below for more information on individual specifications, as well as the size and color options available.

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