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Knotty Alder Craftsman Interior Doors

Sometimes, even homes with the most modern design needs a touch of classic elements to complete its look. Most of the time, homeowners tend to focus on establishing a sense of modern and contemporary to the point that its set pieces become too overbearing or lacking in appeal.

This is particularly true when it comes to interior doors. Despite being more of a functional set piece than an actual aesthetic design element, the room’s doorway actually contributes a great deal in improving and bringing out the visual appeal of any living space.

Craftsman Style Interior Doors

When it comes to improving the visual appeal of a room, craftsman style interior doors remain the first choice for many homeowners. Although some may claim that this style of door is a bit dated, its simplistic and flush design is ideal for the increasingly minimalist trends in home design today.

These ‘shaker style doors’ come in many variants, ranging from the traditional square panel look to the more flush straight line design. The best thing about these doors is that although it can easily fit in a more modern room setting, it still brings out that classic and old-world appeal that is very difficult to capture these days.

If you’re looking for a door that captures the look of rural suburbia without interfering with the modern design of the room, then the craftsman interior door is the best fit for you.

Classic Interior Doors

At UberDoors, we offer a wide selection of craftsman interior doors for sale, ranging from classic double square variants to flush single panels. We take customization to the next level by giving you the ability to completely configure each door; you can change its size, stain color, and even finish options to create a fully customized door that matches your design needs and aesthetic goals.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect interior door for your classic home or want to add a touch of old-word charm to your modern domicile, you’ll find a range of different design options from our wide selection of craftsman interior doors.

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